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For Pet’s Sake Veterinary Center Testimonials

Read our rave reviews and see what makes For Pet’s Sake Veterinary Center shine. 


“The kindness and extraordinary care Macey received from Dr. Kyra Haring and her staff throughout her life was something really special. I believe she only survived Parvo virus as a puppy because of their valiant effort, three other vets in the area wanted to put her down. Dr. Haring and her staff were there every time Macey had medical issues during her twelve years of life.

Macey was my constant companion and she meant the world to me. Dr. Haring always kept me informed and when the time came to put Macey to sleep she was there to offer comfort, not only to Macey but also to me. Macey will always be in my heart, and I know someday we will be together again. I loved her.

I will always be grateful to each and every member of For Pet’s Sake especially Dr. Kyra Haring.” – Coleen Lonobucco 

cute dog“Dr. Haring is the most caring, compassionate veterinarian I have ever came across! She takes loving care of my four dogs. My one rescue Lindy was a medical “lemon” with a million issues and Dr. Haring was always on the cutting edge with the latest medical knowledge and research to help make her better! She did not give up like other veterinarians that came across my dogs medical diagnosis. Dr. Haring worked very hard to stabilize her condition and we couldn’t be more thankful for her saving our babies life! I wouldn’t trust my pups in anyone else’s hands. You will never find a more caring or involved practitioner to provide healthcare for your pet.” – Jill Rodriguez

“My husband and I want to thank you Dr. Haring for the excellent diagnosis, care and support you have provided to our pets over the years. Thanks to you, my female Doberman’s heart condition was diagnosed, and an appointment set up with the specialist that same day. She’s doing well and still with us two years later! Our other dog has very bad hips and we have followed your pain management suggestions to keep him comfortable and happy. Our diabetic cat and our two older cats (age 16 and 17) are also happy and active. Then there are the three youngsters who would prefer not to visit the clinic at all but mom and dad know best and want them to have the best preventive care possible. I know they will receive that at For Pet’s Sake. Your compassion for animals is unsurpassed!” – Donna

“Dr. Haring and her staff run a small but very busy animal clinic which is devoted to assisting their patients. I have been taking my several cats and dog to Dr. Haring since 2006 and can’t sing her praises enough. She is devoted to making sure she finds the best options for my pets. I am always given all of the options from the simplest and most affordable to the most involved and expensive options. I never feel pushed to make decisions. The entire staff takes the time to educate me on practicing preventative medicine at its best. Dr. Haring has been working with local rescues and shelters and promotes spay/neuter programs to help decrease the stray populations. I find the staff refreshing and fun. They have a relaxed and home like atmosphere that my cats are comfortable in and my dog actually runs in and greets everyone. My dog used to shake through his entire vet visit before meeting Dr. Haring and her staff. I urge anyone who loves their pet to give For Pet’s Sake a chance.” – Martha

“You are the kind of vet every other vet should try to be! God bless you.” – Honey Miller MacEwan

“Mike and I wanted to express our appreciation for the great care and compassion with which you have treated both us and our animals while we have been your customers. It’s never easy to share the raw pain of loss in public, and it was comforting to know our dogs would be treated with tenderness and concern for their comfort during difficult times. It’s been our experience that “dog people” are the best. Thank you! We are lucky that we found you.”

Carol Barnes

“We have been bringing our pets for their wellness care and illnesses to Dr. Haring’s “For Pets Sake”. We are always greeted with a big smile and lots of TLC. The care given to our “boys” has been wonderful. When we lost our beloved Pierre to cancer, Dr Haring came to our house and made Pierre’s passing comfortable and so much easier for us. Thank you Dr. Haring and thank you to your very competent staff.” – Monique & Walter

dog laying down“Kyra and her staff are wonderful!!! We have been taking my pets to For Pet’s Sake for years and I just can’t say enough about the care and attention that my animals have received. Kyra and her staff truly care for the animals they treat and their owners. From keeping our pets health, to caring for them when they are ill, the staff at For Pet’s Sake have gone above and beyond.

jackThey have always been there when we have had an emergency and have even offered to take one of our animals home to care for her over a long weekend if we did not think we could handle her care.

Over the years, many animals who would not have hand a second chance at life have been saved thanks to Kyra and her staff! We personally have been blessed with one of those pets who we call “one eyed Jack.” He is truly a special guy and are forever greatfull that Kyra chose to help save his life.

More recently, we had to make the hardest choice any pet owner faces, to put our beloved Belgium Shephard , Sierra, down. Kyra and her staff were there every step of the way. They provided us with the opportunity to let Sierra go peacefully, in the comfort of her own home, with her animal siblings around. While this was not a easy choice, having Kyra and her staff here with us made Sierra’s passing a bit more bearable. If you are looking for great care for your pet’s, For Pet’s Sake, in our opinion is hands down the best around.” – Wendy and Bruce Candiano

“Dr. Haring is an awesome person. Best vet I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with. Dr. Haring never gives up on your best friend… Looking for the greatest gift you can give your family, go to For Pet Sake. You’ll never regret it. Thanks so much for doing all you do, Dr. Haring. We love you.” – Bonnie Dyke

“My family has been a client of Dr. Haring’s for over ten years.  Dr. Haring and her staff have shown such compassion and understanding with each of my animals in various stages of life.  One of my dogs is terrified of everything.  Dr. Haring and her staff are so understanding of his needs.  I can’t thank her enough for this.” – Debbie Stemp

happy lab“In 2007 we adopted a cute young dog from SPCA that we named Sierra. Since we had another dog at home our first job was to find a vet and we were in search of a new one. SPCA suggested Kyra Haring since she was kind enough to offer her time and services to SPCA. Our first visit was filled with heartbreaking news that our new family member had many things wrong with her, the worst being heartworm. Kyra called up SPCA and told them they would pay for the treatment and she would offer her services to help Sierra, who we were not sure would come through the treatment.

lillyThe time, energy, and commitment that Kyra gave to Sierra made a huge impression on us. From that time on we would never think of going to anyone else. Kyra has seen us adding on to our dog family and the sad day when we had to put down one of our dogs, who was only 4. She allowed my whole family there and cried right along with us. Some vets go into this field for the love of animals and are soon overwhelmed and become syndical. Kyra went into this field for the love of animals and if anything her love has grown. Thanks Kyra for being you.” – Kerry Babson

“If you’re like me, you pet is a member of the family. You want the best possible care for a family member. That’s what my little Macey has received over the years at For Pet’s Sake Veterinary Center. Let me tell you our story.

Seven years ago I received a puppy for Christmas. The very next morning I checked on my new friend and found her just laying there, not moving. I first took my baby to a vet in Saratoga. I was told the pup likely had the parvovirus. They suggested I put my girl to sleep. Another vet made the same diagnosis and gave the same advice.

I wanted one more expert opinion and took Macey to For Pet’s Sake. Dr. Haring said she could heal my friend. Macey stayed in isolation with Dr. Haring for a week. I received daily updates on my girl’s condition. The staff was always kind and attentive when I called several times a day to check on my baby. Within days it was apparent that Dr. Haring had saved Macey when other vets were ready to “throw in the towel”.

Dr. Haring was the only vet who gave me hope at a time when I thought I’d lose my friend. This fine doctor gave me her personal number and urged me to call if Macey was ever in need. She knows my baby well and never wants me to spend extra money on unnecessary tests. How many other vets do that today? If you want the best for your pet, you’ll find it at For Pet’s Sake. I wouldn’t take Macey anywhere else. – Colleen Longobucco

corgi“You are awesome, and inspiring. I hope younger people are watching you and follow suit in your field or the field of their choosing.” – Martha Dillon

oliver“Dr. Haring and the staff at For Pet’s Sake are extremely caring and compassionate. Dr. Haring genuinely cares for the well being of my dog. She shows real concern when he isn’t feeling his best, as well as, excitement when he’s doing well. I wouldn’t trust my dog to anyone else. Thank you Dr. Haring and staff for taking such good care of Oliver!”

rio and rosco“We joined the For Pet’s Sake family four years ago and couldn’t be more pleased with the care our four “boys” receive from Dr. Haring and her team. All our kitty kids are rescues, including Howie, an FIV/FeLV, six-toed, tux wearing smooth operator. With For Pet’s Sake’s help, Howie is a happy, healthy cat and a wonderful member of our family.


It’s easy to see the For Pet’s Sake team truly cares about the work they do and the difference they make. Their fees are fair and you can tell, for them, it’s not all about the money. We also want to commend Dr. Haring for the support she provides to the various humane societies in the area and for being the voice for animals who’ve been abused or worse. She’s a little gal with a big heart!” – Leslie & Clint and our boys, Rio, Roscoe, Howie and Orangie

“To Dr.Haring and her wonderful staff. Just wanted to thank you for all the great care Molly has receceived over the past 8 years.The quick thinking and vast knowledge you and your staff have is just amazing. Molly has always been given the best treatment with kindness and compassion working through gentle hands.Dr.Haring ,we are very fortunate to have you and your great staff there to care for “our girl”.Molly loves her extended family at For Pet Sake.” – Krissy and Eric

“Dr. Haring and her team are very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly.  We have been using Dr. Haring’s office for over five years and even though we moved to Saratoga we continue to make the trip to Glens Falls for our veterinary needs.” – Lauren and Les

“The care and compassion we received was outstanding. This vet is one of few left that money is not everything. Description of what our baby needed and why was detailed to the smallest point. Finally we found an excellent vet after so many years. Thank you Dr Haring” – Anonymous

neela“I’ve been bringing my dogs Rya and Neela to For Pets Sake Veterinary Center since they were both puppies. I am always pleased with how individualized the care is and how Dr. Haring and the staff know each dog on a personal level. It’s comforting to know that someone else cares about my dogs just as much as I do!” – Samantha L.

“I’d like to express my gratitude to Dr. Haring for truly caring for the animals. Thank you for being available via e-mail to assist with Rosie’s pain control. I can’t tell you how much it means to me and Rosie. God Bless you.” – Melissa

mongillio dogs“Lucky is my 15 year old best friend. Lucky and I have done many things together over the years including long hikes, visiting people in a nursing home and competing in agility where she won hundreds of ribbons. Obviously as Lucky got older she slowed down a bit, but she was still very happy to play or go for a walk in the woods, happily jumping over sticks and then expecting a treat. When she was about 13 years old, Lucky started exhibiting some very baffling behaviors, especially in the middle of the night. She would tremble uncontrollably, pace nonstop, and scratch at doors- any doors. When I saw these symptoms beginning, I took Lucky to the emergency clinic a couple of times but no one could quite figure it out. These episodes went from being occasional to every night and no one was getting any sleep in our house. I brought her to Dr. Haring and she recommended some anxiety meds, and some other ideas to help Lucky. We saw an amazing transformation in Lucky and her quality of life improved by leaps and bounds! I can’t thank Dr. Haring enough!” – Wendy M.

“Thanks for all the wonderful things you do to help families with their pets. With the cost of health care today, this is very kind of you to help pet owners!” – Leila Gardineer

“I started using For Pet’s Sake Vet less than a year ago after moving around to a few different vets in the area. I left the other vet clinics because I always felt like I was just a “number” and didn’t feel that I got all of my questions answered and the attention that I was looking for when I went in for visits with my “kids”. I was referred to Dr. Haring by a fellow friend and dog lover and am so happy that I gave For Pet’s Sake a try. They are affordable, caring and I can always get an appt. that fits around my busy schedule. A few months ago my beagle Riley wasn’t feeling well so I went for a visit with Dr. Haring who took the time to talk to me and do the necessary tests to figure out what was wrong with my baby boy. She listened, answered MANY questions that I had and personally called and emailed me back to make sure Riley was doing well. Riley is much better now and I am so grateful to have a responsive, caring and compassionate vet that I can turn to.” – Jennifer M.

“Our cat Max had spent several years living on the streets in NJ developing quite an independent attitude. He was quite the character! When we brought him home from the shelter, he would barely let us touch him, however, as he grew older, he became a constant and loving companion. Probably due to his early life on the street, Max had a chronic respiratory problem and IBS. His vet treated the flare ups with antibiotics and a lot of steroids which ended up lowing his ability to fight infections. He ultimately became very ill and the vet’s only solution was to have him put to sleep.

Max wasn’t ready to stop fighting, so we spoke to the SPCA who referred us to Dr. Haring. She immediately made time to see Max and prescribed new medications and no steroids. Dr. Haring is not afraid to think outside of the box or ask other veterinary specialists to find the best solutions for the animal and she checked on his progress every few days. After a couple of weeks, Max returned to being a happy and active cat! At 16, Max developed what appears to have been a very fast growing cancer and when the time came for him to leave us, Dr. Haring again showed her kindness and compassion to both Max and to us. Though we miss him, we are forever grateful for the extra 18 months that Max was able to enjoy. We continue to bring our other furry friends to Dr. Haring for her excellent and loving care.” – Melodie ’15