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Curious Clients Are Invited To For Pet’s Sake Veterinary Center

I love when my pet owners want to be the best pet owners that they can. I try to make my appointments a time when they can ask questions and learn general information and things that are specific to their pets. Initial appointments with pets can take up to one hour. Sometimes this can be overwhelming for my clients. For this reason, I have urged them to reach to me via phone, email or in person if they need guidance for anything at all after their appointment. If I don’t have the answer I will gladly seek out someone who does. The beauty of working solo is that I never really am! I have at my disposal numerous board certified specialists who can help me review complex cases, lab results, and even our digital radiographs of pets. You will always get customized, personal medical care if you allow us to get to know you and your pets!

It is no secret that everyone “googles” and “web searches” medical information about their own health and the health of their pets. This can be a good thing when the information is from a trusted source but can lead to disasters when it is not. One of the most frustrating things is to see a client obtain misleading information that leads to the harm of their pet. One example that comes to mind was when a dog owner found on “google” ibuprofen dosing for his dog. In fact, ibuprofen can lead to liver failure! His dog had to undergo intensive therapy and hospitalization to avoid permanent liver damage. A phone call to your veterinarian or email can save you from causing serious medical harm to your pets. Don’t be shy, please call.